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Here are my positions on issues affecting Tennesseans who live in District 25 of the State House of Representatives.   If there are additional issues you'd like for me to address, feel free to head over to the "Contact" tab and let me know what they are.   Check back as I add more issues and my positions on them.  

I Support Expanded Medicaid

Do you know what Expanded Medicaid means and what impact it would have on Tennesseans?   Here's some information about Expanded Medicaid and why I support this important healthcare benefit.  It's just common sense to do so.  

I Support The Second Amendment to The Constitution.

I support the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms.  

I Support Eliminating the Sales Tax on Food

The Tennessee General Assembly is phasing out a tax which benefits the wealthiest Tennesseans.  I support phasing out the sales tax on food, which would benefit ALL Tennesseans.  

More about Expanded Medicaid!

Watch this video for a quick explanation about what Expanded Medicaid would mean for Tennesseans.   It only takes two minutes.  

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