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I Support Expanded Medicaid

  • Expanded medicaid would provide access to healthcare for people who fall within "The Gap" of Tennessee's two healthcare benefits:  Tenncare and the ACA Marketplace or tax incentives.  Their income is too HIGH to qualify for Tenncare (Tennessee's Medicaid program) or are otherwise categorically ineligible AND whose income is too LOW  to qualify for participation in the Affordable Health Care Act's Marketplace or receive its tax incentive benefits. 
  • That means over 300K Tennesseans who can't afford insurance and make too much or too little to participate in programs currently available in Tennessee would have access to healthcare.  This includes working people, contract workers, small business owners...and their children. 
  • Approximately $3.8 million in our federal tax dollars would come back into our Tennessee economy EVERY DAY.   Not only would Expanded Medicaid provide healthcare for thousands of people, it would help keep rural hospitals open, create jobs, and infuse local economies with funds.  Furthermore, the legislature recently allocated $30 million towards the opioid crisis; expanded medicaid would provide badly-needed funding for drug addiction treatment without using state funds for people who qualify.    
  • All but 17 states participate in the Expanded Medicaid program, which is part of the Affordable Care Act.   In July 2018, Governor Haslam told The Tennessean, "At some point in time, I think those states that haven't (expanded) will look around and say, we're all 50 states paying for it and 40 states are getting the benefit." 




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